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Mobile Home Parks

Who Regulates Mobile Home Parks?

Mobile home parks are primarily regulated by the State of California Department of Housing and Community Development. The City of Sunnyvale does provide safety-related services, such as fire and police protection, within Sunnyvale mobile home parks. Development of new mobile home parks and significant modifications to existing parks are subject to City land-use policies and zoning codes.

Read the California Mobile Home Residency Law

Mobile Home Park Locations

Map of mobile home parks in Sunnyvale

Who Should I Contact for Help?

The State regulates most aspects of mobile home parks.

For help with:

  • installation and removal of mobile homes
  • code enforcement
  • utility connections and related issues
  • health and safety conditions within mobile homes and park property

Call 800-952-5275 or file a complaint with the State Mobile Home Ombudsman.

For help with:

  • space rent concerns
  • other park management issues

Learn how Project Sentinel can help resolve disputes between tenants and landlords.

What if I Can't Afford Repairs to my Mobile Home?

The City's Home Improvement Program offers loans and grants to help lower-income mobile home owners repair their homes. For additional information or to apply, call 408-730-7250.

Home Improvement Program

Is There Mobile Home Park Space Rent Control in Sunnyvale?


Does the City Protect Mobile Home Parks from Redevelopment?

The City has adopted a Mobile Home Park Conversion Ordinance (Chapter 19.72 of the Municipal Code) to regulate mobile home park closures or conversions to other uses.

The City's General Plan and Zoning Ordinance include Mobile Home Exclusive zones. In general, land within this zone can only be developed as a mobile home park. This means conversion of parks within these zones would require the land to be rezoned or require a General Plan amendment, both of which require City Council approval.

Last Updated: Jun 24, 2021